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City Festival

The first city festival Dostoevsky’s Day took place in St. Petersburg in 2010 at the initiative of the Committee of Culture. In 2017 the festival will be held for the 8th time.

The festival «Dostoevsky Day» is a unique city action that includes museums, theaters and libraries. It is a day when more than 50 different events dedicated to Dostoevsky and his heroes take place. One can encounter Russian literary characters on the city’s streets and squares, watch movies and performances on literary subjects and stroll to locations connected with Dostoevsky’s life and work.

The July date of the celebration has to do with the beginning of the novel Crime and Punishment: Dostoevsky Day, which in the past eight years has become one of St. Petersburg’s literary traditions, always takes place on the first Saturday of July.

Participants of the Dostoevsky Day 2017:
Dostoevsky Museum, City Sculpture Museum, Museum of the History of Religion, Raznochinny Petersburg Memorial Museum, Apartment Museum of the Alliluevs (a branch of the Historical Memorial Museum «Smolny»), Mikhail Zoshchenko Apartment Museum (a branch of the Literary Museum «XX Century»), Mayakovsky Library, Centre for Art and Music of the Mayakovsky Library, Lermontov Library, Pushkin Children's Library,  Children's Library of Petersburg History and Culture, Library on Iskrovsky, FMD-Theatre, Theatre «Puppet Format», Theatre «Bitcom», Theatre «SoLu», Bookshop «Chudetstvo».

30 June: «On the Eve of Dostoevsky Day»
The Dostoevsky Day festival opens on the evening of 30 June with the program «On the Eve of Dostoevsky Day» at the Lermontov Library.

1 July: Dostoevsky Day
Theaters, movie theaters, museums and libraries take part in the celebration. The main event of the Dostoevsky’s Day 2017 – the DOSTOEVSKY CARNIVAL - will take place on Pionerskaya Square 1, next to the Youth Theatre, between 12.30 and 16.00. The program includes street performances by the Theatre «SoLu» and the Theatre «Puppet Format», living sculptures by the Theatre «Bitcom». The FMD-Theatre of the Dostoevsky Museum prepares the main performance «Dostoevsky in Color» (at 13.00 and 14.45 on Pionerskaya Square) - an entertaining and droll history of fashion that follows great literary works. Its characters are Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Pushkin, Gogol and the characters they created. The spectators will see a performance about colors in the 19th century fashion and how they were used in the literature of that time.

A special newspaper with the list of the festival’s events is published in advance, and the special website «Dostoevsky Day» (www.dostoevskyday.ru) presents the necessary information.
The residents and visitors of St. Petersburg have grown to love the festival. The festival receives numerous positive reviews and photographs. Many out-of-towners take a vacation to be in St. Petersburg on that day. The day following the festival sees a rush on bookstores where all Dostoevsky’s books are bought up. Joint projects of the city’s museums, libraries and theatres produce an atmosphere of creativity and celebration.

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